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Clean and Maintained for a Pleasant Apartment

There are two areas a tenant impacts an apartment: (1) how well the apartment is kept clean and (2) how it is maintained. These areas are connected in considered when an apartment is returned to the landlord.

A well-kept apartment gives the tenant a sense of satisfaction. The tenant is responsible for the activity in his/her apartment. The following are suggestions for cleaning and maintenance:

Keep the windows closed to retain heat and prevent cold and rain from entering. This will protect drapes/blinds and flooring. Make sure windows locks are released before opening in order to prevent damage.

Vacuuming carpets regularly so that debris does not wear out carpet prematurely. Eating on the carpeted area is a potential hazard for spilling and staining. Bear feet on carpet emit oils that will stain the carpet. Use door mats to prevent tracking soil from the outside.

Limit number of wall hangings to minimize holes in the walls. Leave space between the wall and furniture. Keep finger marks off walls.

Close all types of doors without slamming.

Test smoke alarm batteries twice a year. Clean air conditioner filters annually. Seal granite countertops annually. Rinse faucet screens as needed.

Wipe down stoves and ovens after each use. Use lids on pots/pans when cooking

Limit the use oils and roughage in sinks, bathtubs and garbage disposal to prevent clogging.

Use the barbeque away from the building walls.

Maintain cars to prevent oil leakage.

Cushion the movement of heavy appliances or furniture on the staircases.

Keep windows and balconies free of ornaments and signage.

Cleaning and maintaining an apartment is the tenants responsibility because it is his/her home.

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