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Toxic Mold - Preventive Measures

Mold is a naturally occurring fungus which serves the necessary function of digesting dead wood, leaves and other bio-refuse. In your living areas, you do not want this function to occur. Toxic mold is so called because certain types of fungus produce chemicals known as mycotoxins.

The bad news: these toxins are thought by some to produce acute reactions in susceptible people ranging from allergies, rashes, headaches and fatigue to dizziness and inability to concentrate.

The good news: when a person is removed from the source of the mold the problem goes away. When the mold is eliminated, the problem goes away.

The following sources of indoor moisture may cause mold:
-Steam from cooking, showers, baths
-Wet clothes on indoor drying lines
-Water leaks
-Soiled moist clothes

The following steps should be part of good housekeeping to prevent mold:
-Dry mops and cleaning utensils thoroughly before storing
-Wipe down bathrooms walls and shower walls/ doors after bathing
-Wipe down condensation from interior windows and windowsills
-Dry soiled, moist articles before storing
-Allow air to circulate throughout the living and storing areas

As a general routine clean, dust, vacuum and mop on a regular basis. These tips are not intended to cover all the possibilities of mold development or mold remedies.

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