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Safety for Your Protection

Safety should always be everyone's concern. From time to time a crime is reported in even in the nicest places. Or there could be an accident waiting to happen. It would help to take precautions as a routine. Many times you are only as safe as you prepare. This requires attention to your surroundings and evaluating your possibilities.

-Try to recognize the people living in your building. If you see someone walking around or just hanging out and looks suspicious (possibly casing the area) report the situation to the manager.

-If the apartment is gated do not give anyone the code to the lock on the gate door. Do not hold the gate open for anyone. And do not tie back the door of the gate.

-For additional protection keep your dead bolt locked all the time. Lock your windows when you are not in your apartment.

-Do not broadcast you will be away. Have the post office or paper delivery halted if you plan to be away more than a day. Do not leave your mailbox unlocked.

-In the event you are locked out of your apartment and you don't have a set of keys you generally use have a set of spare keys accessible with someone you trust or in a secure place.

-Be aware there may be dark areas to get to your apartment. Try to navigate around the building in lighted areas. If a bulb is out notify the manager.

-Use handrails going up and down stairs. Be on the lookout for wet steps, halls or path ways.

-Learn to use washers/dryers or garbage disposal. Never put your hands in the machine(s) if the machine is still in motion.

-Always look down to see if there is anything to slip on or cause you to lose your footing or balance.

-Find out where the fire extinguisher is located and learn how to use it.

-Do not store any flame able liquid or other combustible material including explosives in the apartment or garage. If you smell dangerous or hazardous material report it to the manager.

-Report light switches, or fuse boxes that are not in operation or outlets/equipment that may have sparked.

This is not a complete list of safety tips or all the possibilities that may occur but hopefully you are proactive to avoid potential problems.

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