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How to Use a Fire Extinguisher

In Case of Fire:

1. Have everyone evacuate the area immediately.

2. Call the Fire Dept. even if the fire appears to be small (small fires quickly become LARGE fires). The Fire Dept. phone number should be posted at every phone.

3. Use your extinguisher properly, according to the instructions on the nameplate and in this manual. A large fire should be fought by professionals. Be prepared to leave the are if the fire cannot be immediately controlled.

The following instructions are of a general nature, intended to familiarize the user with the basic operating techniques of Amerex hand portable extinguishers. All operate by removing the ring (safety) pin and squeezing the handles together. Since extinguishers differ, the extinguisher nameplate must be consulted for specific procedures and starting distances.

1. Hold the extinguisher upright and pull the rings (safety) Pin breaking the plastic seal.

2. Stand back from the fire (the minimum distance stated on the nameplate) and aim at the base of the fire nearest you.

3. Keeping the extinguisher upright, squeeze the handles together to discharge and sweep from side to side. Move closer as the fire is extinguished but not so close as to scatter the burning material or liquid.

4. When the fire is out, back away while watching for possible re-ignition.

5. Evacuate and ventilate the area immediately after use. The fumes and smoke from any fire may be hazardous and can be deadly.

INSPECTION should be a performed monthly or more frequently if circumstances dictate. The extinguisher should be checked to see that it is not damaged, the discharge outlet is not blocked, that it is fully charged, the seal is not broken and that the operating instructions are clearly visible.

ANNUAL MAINTENANCE is a more complete inspection of the extinguisher and should be done professionally. It will reveal the need for hydrotesting which must be done on Water Mist, Water, Wet Chemical, Foam and Carbon Dioxide every FIVE Years and Dry Power, Halotron 1 and Halon 1211 extinguishers every TWELVE YEARS. Most local authorities require special tags be attached to the extinguisher to verify this service.

SIX YEAR MAINTENANCE Every six years, extinguishers requiring a 12 year hydrotest shall be emptied and subject to thorough examination of mechanical parts, extinguishing agent and expelling means. When applicable maintenance procedures are done during periodic recharging or hydrotesting, the six year requirement will begin from that date.

RECHARGE should be done professionally immediately after any use by your local Amerex Distributor who has the trained personnel, extinguisher agents and equipment to do it properly. This extinguisher must be recharged with the extinguisher agent specified on the nameplate. Substitutions could cause damage or injury.

IMPORTANT Things to Remember:

Never discharge a fire extinguisher into anyone's face

Never throw an extinguisher into the fire or leave it unattended if the fire is not out. Pressure build-up could cause an explosion from even a partially full extinguisher.

Keep Fire Extinguishers away from children.

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