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Green Properties for Conservation of Energy

Changes in our atmosphere require us to conserve energy and to keep our planet green. The use of common sense and advances in ecological technology can alleviate this problem. Barbera Properties has taken many steps to keep abreast of new developments. Our efficiency covers many areas.

All washing and drying machines in our laundry rooms meet current standards for efficient water, electricity and gas savings. All exterior lights use energy efficient bulbs. Windows are covered with vertical blinds. Water timers for the sprinkler systems and air blowers to clean common areas are used to conserve water. Attics are insulated to conserve heat and air conditioning.

Landscaping is also a valuable consideration to keep our planet green. Our properties have an abundance of trees and bushes which shade the apartments and emit oxygen and absorb carbon dioxide.

We also offer tips to our tenants on how to conserve energy and keep our planet green.

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Crepe Myrtle Apartments

in South Pasadena

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