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Apartment Design for Pleasing Comfort

Plan your apartment layout around your living activity:
Consider where the windows are and the movement of light coming through the windows at different times of the day.
Know the sizes of the rooms and the uninterrupted vertical space of the walls.

Visualize entering into each room for a great look:
Appreciate the function of how you are going to use each room to maximize its intended use.

Furniture Placement:
In each room the largest pieces are generally placed first and not together. Work the pieces for your convenience. Appropriate space for how you wish to use the room for your comfort.

Know the scale of room size you have:
Avoid overcrowding a room. Place the furniture so one side of the room is not out of balance. Use the smaller pieces of furniture to fill in for your arrangement.

Keep you pieces in the same style or period such as modern, colonial, or classic. Limit odd pieces of furniture only for your accent and do not use furniture because you happen to have it.

Select color schemes which harmonize throughout the apartment.

The final touch for your apartment is how you accessorize. Defer placing your lighting fixtures and lambs, pictures, flowers, memorabilia, various nick naks, etc. These items should be put off until you are sure you are settled in.

Pretend you are looking through a camera lens to see each space with an expectation of a great look. From an old wise man, "It is safer to do less and build upon what you want."

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